This is the user guide for the Pangram Finder in iWordGuru (Word Games Word Puzzles Helper). User guides for other word finders and solvers in iWordGuru can be found at

iWordGuru Pangram Finder allows a user to input a set of letters and finds all pangrams, i.e. words that use each of the letters entered at least once. 

Pangram Finder operation instructions: 

At the Pangram Finder page,  follow the procedure below to enter a set of letters and find all pangrams for the set of letters:

    1. (optional) The default dictionary is the 2022 Scrabble US dictionary. You may change it to Scrabble UK or ENABLE (the dictionary for WWF) by tapping the dictionary dropdown button.
    2. Enter a set of letters using the keyboard. Since pangram allows letters to be reused, all letters entered will be different. If a same letter is tapped more than once, the second and later taps will be ignored and have no effects.
    3. After at least one letter is entered, the grey ‘GET READY’ key will turn into a green ‘FIND’ key. You can tap the green ‘FIND’ key to find all pangrams in the dictionary for the set of letters entered. This will lead to the pangram finder solution page. For example, if ‘REI’ is entered, the finder will find ‘IRE’, ‘REI’, ‘EERIE’, and ‘EERIER’.

The following are the special keys on the keyboard:

    • ‘CLEAR’: removes all letters on the board.
    • ‘HELP’: launches the browser to show this Pangram Finder user guide.
    • ‘GET READY’: The grey ‘GET READY’ key is informational and has no effects. After at least one letter is entered, this key will turn into a green ‘FIND’ key.
    • ‘FIND’: The green ‘FIND’ key appears after at least 1 letter is entered (and thus, the app is ready to find pangrams for the set of letters entered). When the ‘FIND’ key appears, you can tap it to find pangrams and see all pangrams in the solution page.

From the Pangram Finder page, you can tap the arrow at the left of the App Bar on the top of the page to return to the main menu.

The solution page appears after you tap the green ‘FIND’ key. The page shows all pangrams found. The pangrams are grouped by their sizes. For each size, the words are sorted by default based on usage (commonly used words appears earlier). Following actions can be performed in this page.

    • Tap a solution pangram to highlight the pangram. 
    • Tap the sort option button (‘Usage’, ‘A to Z’, or Scrabble score) to change how the words of the same size are sorted, by usage, alphabetical order, or Scrabble score.
    • Tap the information button to the right of each solution pangram to google the meaning of the pangram.
    • Tap the ‘Get the next 20 words’ or ‘Get the rest ?? words’ button at the end of the displayed words for each size (this button will be there when there are more solution pangrams of the size than those displayed) in the solution list to add more solution pangrams on display.
    • Tap the arrow at the App Bar (upper left of the screen) to go back to the previous page (pangram finder page) where a new set of letters can be entered and new pangrams can be found.