After the app is opened, you can choose from the drop down button one of the 4 games in the app (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta). Two buttons in the page are for playing the game. Tap the ‘Play the Game’ button to start a regular game that ends when no more tiles in the bag (or when other game ending conditions are met) . Tap ‘7-turn Quick Play’ to start a game that lasts at most 7 turns for each player. 

The game is played by drag-and-dropping rack tiles to the board to form words and score points. The player who scores the highest point wins.

Game rules and score counting are the same as Scrabble. Following is a rough description. 

  •  You must make words of at least two letters in each turn using your tiles in the rack. 
  • The first play must cover the center of the board. Subsequence plays must use at least one tile already on the board.
  • Words can only go from left-to-right or top-to-down.
  • Any tile that touches another tile must also be a word.
  • You may swap selected tiles in the rack with the tiles in bag when the bag has no less than 7 tiles. In this case, you skip the play in this turn.
  • You may skip a turn by pass.
  • If all players pass two consecutive times, the game ends.
  • If a player runs out of tiles, the game ends. In this case, the points in the tiles remaining should be subtracted from your score and added to the score of the player who used up all tiles.