1) To build your own game, tap the ‘Build Your Own Game’ button. 

2) After that, the build game page will appear. Tap the ‘Template: YYYY’ pull down button and select one game as your template. This selection sets the board, the dictionary, tile distribution, tile points, and bingo bonus points to the selected game. If you just want to play the game, tap ‘Save’ and ‘Proceed’, and you are done (the selected game is ready to go). If you want further customization, go to Step 3)

3) You can further customize the game dictionary by tapping the ‘Dict: YYYY’ pull down button, the game board by tapping on the ‘Customize Game Board’ button and then adding and moving the special tiles on the board, the letter points by tapping the ‘Customize Letter Points’ button,  and bonus points by tapping the ‘Customize Bonus Points’ button. After you are done customizing, tap ‘Save’ and ‘Proceed’ to complete the process. 

Watch this 3 minutes video to see an example and how easy it is to build the classic scrabble game. Building other games is similar.